What is SocioRating?

SocioRating is based on questionnaire research that involves all employees in an organization. The questionnaire is standardized and the same for all participating companies.  The responses are categorized on a scale from A+ to C. SocioRating includes the evaluation of cross-sectional indices that complement the overall picture.sociorating

Identification index indicates the degree to which employees identify with the existing corporate culture of a company. The identification is perceived as the manifestation of proactive motivation and the acceptance of corporate culture. The identification index is based on the status quo of the most important factors that shape an employee’s relationship with the organization.

Innovation index indicates the overall innovation potential in a company. It maps whether the organization’s environment is set up in such a way that it motivates employees to develop, design, implement and accept changes.

Satisfaction index reflects the overall climate within a company, with particular focus on the emotional component of respondents’ attitudes. It maps how satisfied employees are with the individual areas of the identification process.

Trust index maps the horizontal, vertical, as well as the professional and human degree of trust across a company.

Responsibility index maps the extent to which employees perceive an organization as responsible, both in relation to themselves, with an emphasis on dignity and health protection, and at the same time, outwardly within the framework of social responsibility.

Benefits for your organization

The standardized methodology enables comparisons to be made between companies operating on the market regardless of size and industrial sector. It helps to predict the long-term value and sustainability of a company and serves as a relevant indicator for investors, banks, suppliers, clients, as well as employees. SocioRating also enables developmental comparisons to be made over time.

EUR 399
Up to 15 employees
EUR 1029
50-99 employees
EUR 1859
100-249 employees
EUR 499
16-49 employees

Rating process

The 4 steps of the rating process:

  • Step 1: Definition of the product and respondents
  • Step 2: Internal information campaign about the project (we provide the source materials)
  • Step 3: Data collection over a period of 10 days in the form of an electronic questionnaire
  • Step 4: Graphic output in electronic form; issuance of a SocioRating certificate in electronic form

Follow-up steps:

  • Feedback
  • Option to purchase SocioDiagnostics
  • SocioRating is valid for 1 year. We recommend repeating the process after that.

Rating scale

skala socioratingExcellent – the organization achieves very good results in all areas of the identification process, in its approach to innovation, in terms of satisfaction, responsibility and trust. It is a company with strong social potential. The employees strongly identify with the organization, understand its goals, identify with its direction and are willing to work towards achieving the goals.

Very good – the organization achieves very good results in most but not all of the evaluated areas of the identification process, in its approach to innovation, in terms of satisfaction, responsibility and trust. The organization has strong social potential.

Good with reservation – the organization achieves mostly good results in the identification process of employees. Although there are deficiencies in some areas, it is possible to correct these with targeted interventions.

Acceptable with risk – the organization shows several deficient areas, some to a great extent. It is necessary to focus on the deficient areas and to correct the risk factors in a targeted manner.

Inadequate – the organization shows several deficient areas in the identification process of employees. It does not have a built-in social basis, which leads to the reluctant, passive, even apathetic approach of its employees.

Risky – the organization shows significant inadequacies in all areas of the identification process. The organization as a social system does not work. Correction in the short term is not possible.

Certificate template

certifikat sociorating

What is SocioDiagnostics?

SocioDiagnostics is a detailed analysis of the SocioRating results.

SocioDiagnostics will help you find out the degree of cohesion, satisfaction, trust, innovation of employees in your company, the overall corporate atmosphere within the organization, as well as other indicators concerning the social potential of your organization. Within the framework of SocioDiagnostics, you will receive the results for the SocioRating, 5 indexes and 14 dimensions.

SocioDiagnostics provides a company with a valuable tool for targeted work with human capital, for motivating employees and for interventions in possible deficient areas identified by employees. It enables a company to build stable social potential and to monitor its development over time.

Purchasing SocioDiagnostics can be considered a second step after completing SocioRating (see Rating process).



SocioDiagnostics (also SocioRating) maps, via an electronic questionnaire in the Socioscanner tool, the attitudes of employees towards the organization on the basis of its three components: cognitive (how the employees understand what is going on in the organization); emotional (how the employees identify themselves with the organization´s values, how they feel in the workplace); behavioral (how their attitude is transformed into performance).

The methodology is also based on the Theory of Social Identity, as defined by the social psychologists Henri Tajfel and John Turner. The theory suggests that how a person assesses themselves is dependent on whether they belong to a group. A group of co-workers or the organization in which a person works becomes an important part of their self-image. A person maintains a positive self-assessment when the group to which they belong is also assessed positively. An identified employee is therefore motivated and strives to make the organization in which they work successful.


Result of SocioRating with Certificate.

Detailed electronic outputs – graphs at individual question level, divided according to dimensions, including the possibility to look at the results from different points of view according to the organizational structure of the company.

EUR 669
Up to 15 employees
EUR 1969
50-99 employees
EUR 3799
100-249 employees
EUR 1029
16-49 employees