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SocioRating Institute is a Czech-Slovak company that helps companies predict the long-term value of their organization, its sustainability, and social impact.

We are a member of Accace Holding.

Measuring the vitality of organizations

Through our SocioRating tool, we help measure innovativeness, trust, identification, satisfaction, and responsibility levels among employees in companies. Thereby we assess the vitality of your organization.

The tool is based on thirty years of experience working in companies and with their employees. The methodology allows organizations to be benchmarked – regardless of size or sector, thus setting an international standard of measurement for the social aspects of organizations. It is able to quickly and effectively identify possible problems in the setting of corporate culture, and consequent effects on overall company operations. The service also offers an extended organization analysis – SocioRating+.

Persons behind SocioRating Institute

Jiří Majer

Jiří Majer


Jiří Majer is a founder of multiple successful companies – he founded Accace in 2006 and TULIP Solutions in 2016. At present he is working to evelop the SocioRating Institute, with which he wants to help organizations be successful long-term and so have a positive impact on society in their area of operation. He graduated from the Prague University of Economics and Business where he studied accounting and finance.

Hana Matějková Fabíková

Hana Matějková Fabíková


Hana Matějková Fabíková is working to develop the business side of the Sociorating Institute. She focuses on the social aspect of organizations, the correct setting of corporate culture, and the societal benefits of companies. In the past, she has led teams in multinational corporations operating in telecommunications and insurance. She graduated in social anthropology from the Faculty of Arts at the University of Pardubice.

Romana Kontírová

Romana Kontírová


Romana Kontírová is an experienced consultant. She graduated in business management at the City University of Seattle in Bratislava, and studied international business negotiation at the ESC Rennes School of Business in France. In the SocioRating Institute she deals with product development and consulting services for clients.

We create the preconditions for meeting the sustainability goals

We are a proud member of the Association of Small and Medium Enterprises and Tradesmen of the Czech Republic and Business Leader Forum

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