We measure the vitality of organizations

A company is not just an economic unit. A company is primarily a social system that produces economic results. This system consists of employees, their attitudes and the degree to which they identify with the company.


  • Is a diagnostic tool based on questionnaire research in an organization
  • The output is a rating on a scale from C to A +
  • We measure
    • Index of innovation
    • Index of satisfaction
    • Index of trust
    • Index of identification
    • Index of responsibility

External Use

  • Information for shareholders, investors, founders, banks
  • Use within the framework of sustainable ESG investment
  • Use within the framework of Due Diligence
  • Information for potential employees and customers
  • Due to the versatility of the methodology, it enables market comparisons

Internal Use

  • High level overview for business owners
  • A tool for the targeted building of personnel stability (less staff turnover) within an organization
  • A tool for measuring employee motivation
  • A tool for monitoring company culture
  • Identification of areas for the development of a company’s human capital

Whom does SocioRating help?

We measure the vitality of organizations

I manage a holding
I manage an organization
I need ESG reports
I am buying a company
I invest in companies
I lend money to companies

IMPACTS OF COVID-19 on company culture

I address the impacts of COVID on employees and our organization

Most colleagues work from home and we rarely meet in the office. We regularly send out questionnaires regarding their happiness, improvement tips and so on. However, we feel that with the prevailing online interactions, something is disappearing within our company. Is it serious?

SocioRating helps us to find out what the current relationship of employees towards our company is, how much we have to worry about decreasing innovation potential and whether our managers have reacted appropriately to COVID in relation to the teams.



Unique rating process implemented remotely

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We are here for you and your people

Who are we?

SocioRating Institute is a member of Accace Group, an innovative provider of comprehensive consulting and BPO services. Accace operates worldwide under the Accace Circle Brand.

It is a business community of partners – professional consultants and BPO service providers. With a global presence in almost 40 countries and a team of more than 2,000 professionals, Accace Circle provides services to more than 10,000 clients, mostly medium-sized and large multinational Fortune 500 companies.

Why do we do what we do?

We believe that businesses are co-responsible for the social climate in every country.

It is for this reason we brought to the market a tool that enables us to publicly demonstrate the quality of the social environment of an organization, including its subsequent possible internal use.

Our motto: "For business to make sense, a company must not only be SUCCESSFUL, but also BENEFICIAL."

Our consultants

SocioRating is developed, improved and implemented by a team of experienced consultants. They will guide you through the entire process, from selecting the appropriate product, through the company research, evaluation and certification, to recommending follow-up measures. We rely on professionalism, trust and openness.

Are you a consultant and do you want to work with us? Leave us a message!

What Clients Say.


We are motivated by the satisfaction of our clients. Put your trust in us and share in our growth Asset Management is made up of a team of expert, committed and experienced people with a passion for financial markets. Our goal is to achieve continuous and sustainable growth of our clients.




Resulting value of SocioRating and resulting value of:

  • Identification Index
  • Trust Index
  • Satisfaction Index
  • Innovation Index
  • Responsibility Index


Resulting value of SocioRating and value of...

  • Identification Index
  • Trust Index
  • Satisfaction Index
  • Innovation Index
  • Responsibility Index
Graphical Analysis of 14 Dimensions
  • Company perception
  • Client orientation
  • Values and belonging
  • Competence and work organization
  • Leadership style – direct superior
  • Work evaluation system
  • Communication and information
  • Cooperation and atmosphere
  • Self-realization and initiative
  • Trust
  • Social responsibility
  • Protection of health and dignity
  • Motivation
  • Fluctuation


Help from our experienced consultant.

He/she will guide you through the entire process

  • Selecting the appropriate product
  • The company research
  • Evaluation and certification
  • Recommending follow-up measures
Opportunity to add other questions defined by the company to SocioDiagnostics.

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