Want to achieve sustainable results in your organization?

Measure your organization’s social environment and determine its vitality – its performance, sustainability and impact on society. Find out how much your employees identify with the organization and how satisfied they are with it. At the same time, you will see to what extent you have succeeded in creating an environment that fosters innovation, increasing mutual trust and accountability for what the organization carries out externally and internally. And what do you gain from all this?

Why measure the social environment in a company?

Promotion of innovation in the organization

The ability to create, innovate and flexibly adapt to the current situation is the hallmark of a long-term successful, vital organization. Is your organization’s innovation potential sufficient to succeed in today's turbulent environment?

Reducing turnover and attracting high quality employees

By regularly measuring the social environment, you know the strengths in your company culture - you know how your employees relate to your organization and whether they support its actions. Among other things, this will help you to reduce turnover and increase the efficiency of recruitment.

Higher profits by tens of percent

According to studies, companies that have a good social environment and employees who identify with their corporate culture experience significantly higher profits.

Options for measuring the social environment


  • Rating system based on questionnaire research in organizations
  • The output is a rating on a rating scale of A to C

We follow:

  • Identification index
  • Innovation Index
  • Satisfaction index
  • Confidence index
  • Accountability index


  • Detailed diagnostics of results from the rating process
  • The output is 14 dimensions, including the results of individual questions
  • A tool for targeted building of the company’s personal stability
  • A tool for measuring employee motivation
  • Corporate culture monitoring tool
  • Identification of HR development areas

For whom is SocioRating?

SocioRating is a universal methodology that can be applied by an organization or company of any size in any sector. Most will appreciate this methodology:

Managers of companies

who want to improve the performance of the whole organization


that want or need ESG and CSR social reporting

HR managers

who help companies attract and retain quality employees


who want to confirm their decision about the long-term vitality of a company


who help with the building of company culture, employer branding or company crisis moments

„The current and future financial success of the company is based on their people. With SocioRating, we can also measure the human dimension of the company to better manage future financial performance and the impact of the organization on its environment.”
Jiří Majer, founder of the SocioRating Institute

Always receive the most up-to-date information about news from the social environment of organizations

What do our clients say about us?

SocioRating, which took place in our patient organization Czech ILCO, z.s., helped me as a chairwoman to orient myself in the feelings of employees/colleagues. It showed that we have deficiencies in the organization of work and the delegation of tasks. On the other hand, I was pleased that working in our organization seems meaningful to employees/colleagues and the atmosphere is friendly.”
Štěpánka Kovaříková, chairwoman, České ILCO, z.s.
„It is very important to constantly map and monitor the overall culture in the team, a prerequisite for further effective communication between colleagues. The results revealed many hidden challenges key to working together. Thanks to SocioRating, we can now actively work on them.”
Julian Gerhart, founder of Zmudri, o.z.
„The employee satisfaction survey provided us with valuable information and a comprehensive overview of our strengths and weaknesses. If you are interested in creating a good climate in the workplace and are searching for a company that conducts quality research, then I can only recommend SocioRating.“We realised that as management we might see deficiencies differently than the people on the shop floor, who don't think about it so much and are happy with the situation. It was great to get the data processed because now we know how this process has strengthened us.
Gabriela Hrdina, owner of the company and Ludmila Kasalová, manager of foreign wholesale Utukutu s.r.o.
„SocioRating chceme dělat opakovaně pro sledování spokojenosti našich zaměstnanců. Myslíme si, že je to dobrý a efektivní nástroj.”
Iveta Havlová, projekt manažer Biopekárna Zemanka
„I think this rating should become the standard for every company. It can well reveal the strengths and weaknesses of the company in terms of its environment, the perception of the company by employees and the management to actively receive feedback continuously on their management, as well as the vitality of the company."
Ivana Hekerle, Director of Communications and Managing Director of CIRA Advisory, s.r.o.
„We really like the concept of companies being evaluated on the basis of sustainability. It's also great that it's public information about the company and I hope this will lead to corporate accountability.“
Jitka Černochová, owner of Poklady Finska
"The key assets of most companies are their employees and one of the main tasks of management is their maintenance and further development. SocioRating is an essential tool for us to work with employees in this way, and we see it as a significant contribution to the success of our company. ”
Jan Najman, legal partner, Accace Legal s.r.o., Law Office
„Thanks to the rating, we found that our school is perceived very well by the staff. Several areas have also emerged that we will focus on more in the future. The aim of SocioRating completely met our expectations.“
Mgr. Miroslav Buchar, Director of the Břečťanová Primary School
„The employee satisfaction survey provided us with valuable information and a comprehensive overview of our strengths and weaknesses. If you are interested in creating a good climate in the workplace and are searching for a company that conducts quality research, then I can only recommend SocioRating."
Ing. Helena Kottová, Director of Bambi Kindergarten and Primary School
„We have been trying to get feedback from employees for some time. It was only with SocioRating that we were able to systematically cover the important areas. Its utility was compounded by the statistics for each team, which provided an even deeper look at the human side of our company."
Petr Neškrábal, Managing Director & Partner Accace Česká republika
„Joining SocioRating was a step in the right direction, it definitely contributes to the company's credibility and transparency. It was valuable for us to receive processed data from different perspectives. We have also identified shortcomings that will lead us to improve.“
Ing. Kateřina Janíčková, Chief Operating Officer, VMS Vision
„We wanted to know if our employees identify with the company they work for. The results of the rating showed us what people are worried about and how to do something to fix it. Moreover, thanks to SocioRating we can see if our changes are effective and have improved the corporate environment.
Peter Pašek, Managing Director of Accace Slovakia
„As a smaller non-profit organization, we pride ourselves on professionalising our work not only in our direct work with clients, but also in our external dealings. The SocioRating rating is especially important for our partners and public institutions, without whom our activities cannot be done.
Ing. Klára Čechová, PR and fundraising MEDOU z.s.
"Thanks to SocioRating, we have confirmed that the whole team is really on the same boat and they identify with the company's key ideas. The detailed results then helped us to identify areas to focus more on in the future, so that we can still put team satisfaction at the center of our direction. ”
Lucie Geroldová, co-founder of MUMDOO

What do our partners say about us?

Often companies perform some surveys among employees and often talk about satisfaction surveys. But this is very superficial and often says nothing. In the SocioRating methodology, we examine 5 indices that reveal much more important information, and satisfaction is just one of the five indices. The others are equally important for you – trust, responsibility, identification, innovation.
Lenka Heuerová, expert on SMEs
„We see SocioRating as one of the tools that can help companies get internal feedback associated with the social dimension of business. The company can rely on such a source of knowledge in strengthening its corporate culture, its connection with the company's mission and corporate brand, and in setting up internal processes that make it more resilient, competitive and socially friendly. In this respect, we perceive a synergistic potential between our work and SocioRating.“
SocioRating is a tool for me to map the corporate culture and know the starting point for the further development of people and the company itself."
Janka Pacinová, certified lecturer

Where have we measured the vitality of the organization?