We measure the vitality of organizations

SocioRating sets an international standard for measuring social conditions within organizations. The methodology enables benchmarking of organizations regardless of size and industrial sector. We use an online platform to measure the level of innovation, trust, identification, satisfaction and responsibility in organizations. SocioRating helps predict the long-term value of an organization, its sustainability and impact on society.

What you get

  • An objective social environment quality rating comparable to the market
  • A reliable indicator of the organization’s management style
  • Information for shareholders, investors, banks
  • Utilization within sustainable business (CSR and ESG reports)


  • Rating process based on questionnaire research within the organization
  • The output is a rating on a scale from A+ to C
  • We focus on
    • Identification index
    • Innovation index
    • Satisfaction index
    • Trust index
    • Responsibility index


  • A detailed analysis of the results of the rating process
  • The output is represented by 14 dimensions, including the results for individual questions
  • A tool for creating staff stability
  • A tool for measuring employees’ motivation
  • A tool for monitoring corporate culture
  • A tool for identifying areas for improvement in HR strategy


Online rating process

The process examines, measures, evaluates and analyzes the external impact (on society) and internal impact (on the organization) of social conditions within an organization.

All evaluated organizations go through the same process based on electronic questionnaire research, with participation from all employees within their organizations. The results enable the monitoring of the measured areas over the long term and objective comparisons to be made.

Use od SocioRating:

  • as a basis for investors and financial institutions to assess the long-term financial perspectives of a company;
  • as part of CSR and ESG reporting;
  • as proof of an organization's CSR policy;
  • for mapping potential start-ups;
  • as a PR tool.

More about SocioRating
Rating scale
Rating process


Focused look at the quality of the social conditions within an organization

It provides a detailed overview of the individual social processes within an organization. It is an appropriate tool for those organizations that want to link an employee survey to a rating. The outputs are detailed graphically processed analyses of the organization as a whole or by individual departments or other specified factors. The basic analytical unit is 14 dimensions, within which the results of the specific questions are presented. The survey can be either anonymous or not.

Use of SocioDiagnostics:

  • for improving financial results;
  • for evaluating the strategic direction of companies;
  • for an employee survey;
  • as a basis for an organization’s HR strategy.

More about SocioDiagnostics


The data collection process

An electronic tool developed for the purposes of SocioRating and SocioDiagnostics is used for data collection.

About us

We are here for you and your people

Who are we?

SocioRating Institute is a member of Accace Group, an innovative provider of comprehensive consulting and BPO services. Accace operates worldwide under the Accace Circle Brand.
It is a business community of partners – professional consultants and BPO service providers. With a global presence in almost 40 countries and a team of more than 2,000 professionals, Accace Circle provides services to more than 10,000 clients, mostly medium-sized and large multinational Fortune 500 companies.

Why do we do what we do?

We believe that businesses are co-responsible for the social climate in every country.
It is for this reason we brought to the market a tool that enables us to publicly demonstrate the quality of the social environment of an organization, including its subsequent possible internal use.
Our motto: "For business to make sense, a company must not only be SUCCESSFUL, but also BENEFICIAL."

Our goal

We want every company, regardless of its size, to be able to test their social environment through SocioRating or SocioDiagnostics with the possibility of benchmarking against the best on the market.

What Clients Say.


We are motivated by the satisfaction of our clients. Put your trust in us and share in our growth Asset Management is made up of a team of expert, committed and experienced people with a passion for financial markets. Our goal is to achieve continuous and sustainable growth of our clients.



from 499 €*

  • Resulting SocioRating
  • Value of 5 indexes
  • Prices based on the number of employees

from 599 €*

  • Resulting SocioRating
  • Value of 5 indexes
  • Graphic analysis of 14 dimensions

*Prices do not include VAT.